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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

UPDATED: New Salon on 181st Street

UPDATE 3/27: It's actually a threading salon, not a hair salon.  Photos of the new awning to come.

At the end of the year, Metro Art & Frame closed its doors (in our neighborhood at least), leaving yet another vacant storefront.  We were excited to see over the weekend that the facade had been redone with a new door and floor-to-ceiling windows.  They were papered over so it was still a mystery as to what was going in there.

Mystery solved: it's a salon.

Salon-in-progress on 181st
Ok, we applaud that a new business is in the neighborhood.  I think our record proves that we are hugely supportive of local business.  But a salon???!

Our neighborhood, particularly 181st between Broadway and Riverside Drive is chock-a-block full of salons (and laundry/dry cleaning for that matter...).  Groom Team is directly across the street.  There's a small salon on Cabrini just north of 181.  There's a salon next door to Exclusive Pizza.  There are at least two more salons en route to Broadway.

Do we really need a new salon or barber shop? Can the neighborhood support this type of redundant offering?

In a previous post, readers came up with excellent ideas for retail offerings that don't already exist here: a book store, a yoga studio, a consignment shop, art supplies.

Here's hoping that the other many empty storefronts get filled soon with exciting businesses that add more diversity to our neighborhood.

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