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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Three Years

The Gazette will go on hiatus this month. After three years, we've decided to take a break from blogging about Hudson Heights. A full-time job, a theater company, families and a host of other things keep getting in they way. But we've enjoyed this project immensely. The stats over three years are as follows: 424 posts; 24 blog followers; 30 Twitter followers; 52,000 page views. At their best, blogs focus attention on stories that matter but don't get covered elsewhere. With that in mind, the best moments for this blog include: (1) focusing on the loss of the Coliseum movie theater and sneaking into the original art-deco theater to get actual photos; (2) blogging about the closure of VIM Pharmacy and the plight of "neighborhood" retail in the heights; and (3) regularly publishing information about crime in Hudson Heights. Not all the stories were negative of course. We're particularly proud of "photos of the week" and its focus on quirky aspects of life in the heights, including local artist Marc Solomon's residency in Fort Tryon Park. We will leave the blog active as a "time capsule" of stories from the past three years. We particularly hope that folks from outside Hudson Heights will continue to stumble across it and see what a great, vibrant NYC neighborhood exists here. Our e-mail will remain active for a few months, August 6, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Parking Holiday Over!

The parking holiday is over.  The NYC Department of Transportation has finished posting the new signs, which include only one day of street cleaning.  Beginning on Monday, June 24, the alternative side parking rules will be back in effect:

Effective Monday, June 24th 2013, please note that Street Cleaning/ Alternate side parking regulations will be RESTORED in parts of Washington Heights and Inwood north of 181st street. Please note that this does not affect the 8am-6pm rules, parking meters or any rules not having to do with Street Cleaning Regulations.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Review

Good.  And with a few tweaks, great.

That’s the bottom line from this blogger about the Rusty Mackeral, from the creators of Franks Market and Chef Jack Moran. 

·         Service—excellent.  My party was greeted immediately upon entry, offered drinks and consulted on menu options.  I was thrilled with the beer list (Bronx Ale, Ommegang, etc.)
·         Food--high quality.  The chef is using high quality ingredients arranged with creativity.  We had the roasted peppers, codfish croquettes, mussels and octopus.  They were very good but too salty.  This author loves salt and its notable when I notice the salt content. 
·         Ambiance—good but not great.  The hanging lights glare in your eyes a bit.  The music was not particularly soothing.  And the a/c was on low, which could be a problem given the proximity of the kitchen to the dining room.   Climate control will be really important in this small space.
·         Prices--a touch too high for what is clearly a casual dining experience.  On the one hand, the prices are high given the quantities of food served.  But I would not want the chef to lower quality in order to lower prices.  A compromise is in order.  The drink prices are definitely too high.  In this neighborhood a bottle of Bronx Pale Ale should run about $6 in a restaurant—not $9.  I had one but would not order another.

All in all, the RM is a welcome addition to the Heights’ small food scene and brings a high-concept menu to the community.  It occupies a welcome middle ground between the comfort food at  Saggio and Next Door and the luxury service at New Leaf.  I’ll go back soon.  And with a few tweaks as noted above, I’ll be a regular.

-Chris Rizzo

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rusty Mackeral Teaser

The new restaurant has been providing trial meals this week and opens officially on Friday.  The Gazette has already dined there and will post a review in time for opening night.  Some issues we are thinking about:  staff, salt and sound.


There has been a spike in burglaries in the 34th Precinct and most of them are occuring, apparently, through rear yard-facing, fire-escape windows.  The precinct is recommending (not surprisingly) that residents keep those windows locks.  Security grates can also be installed for $200 to $400.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Small Business & Freelancers Meet Up - June 12!

Calling all entrepreneurs!

Join your fellow neighbors and innovators at the first ever uptown business card meetup on Wednesday, June 12 from 7-8PM.  The event will be hosted by Critters Outfitter Pet Supply located at 210 Pinehurst Avenue (sorry, humans only!) with beverages provided by Cafe Buunni.  This is an opportunity for small businesses and freelancers to promote their business and talents. 

So round up your business cards, dust off your "elevator speech" and get ready to connect!

To sign up and for more details go to:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Unicorns In The Heights

On May 25th, The FuentidueƱa Chapel in The Cloisters will host Magic Tree House series author Mary Pope Osborne as she reads from her book Blizzard of the Blue Moon, which features The Cloisters' famed unicorn. 

There will be two readings: 11:30 to 12:15 and 2:00 to 2:45.  This event is free with Museum Admission (suggested donation).  Be aware that seating is limited

More info here.  

Also, be sure to make time for:
Search for the Unicorn
An Exhibition in Honor of The Cloisters' 75th Anniversary
May 15–August 18, 2013

Have you read this book?  If so, what did you think?