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Friday, October 5, 2012

Retail on 181st

Yet another storefront on 181st west of Ft. Washington is poised for vacancy.  Metro Art & Frame is moving to the UWS as of the end of October.

The frame store joins a growing number of vacant storefronts which include the former location of Holy Moses Ladies Wear (on the same block) and the space next to 181 Cabrini.

Passing by the former dress shop, a father was recently overheard asking his young son, "What would you like to be in there? Would you like a toy store?"

What kind of businesses would YOU like to see on 181st Street?  Leave your suggestions in the comments section!


  1. As an artist in the neighborhood, I would love to see some sort of art supply shop!

  2. I think a thrift shop or resale shop with childrens' clothes would do really well!

  3. I love both of these ideas!! Also, I have to add to the list the cleaners that's located next to the nail salon. I completely forgot that it's been vacant for a couple of years now!

  4. A bookstore or yoga studio would be great! Maybe Bread & Yoga could find its new home on 181st Street...