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Friday, November 2, 2012

Washington Heights Bands Together for Superstorm Sandy Relief

Here is a list of places to donate to, etc., here in Washington Heights.  We'll update it as we hear of new collection points.  Feel free to send in your own updates in the comments section!

Fort Washington Collegiate Church is collecting FLASHLIGHTS and BATTERIES for folks down on the lower east side who are still without power.  Bring a new or working flashlight to the church office on Friday, 11/2.  They will transport them down to Middle Church and get them distributed this weekend.

Hilltop Pharmacy on 187th & Ft. Washington is hosting a coat and clothing drive in cooperation with New York Cares.

Buunni Coffee is collecting donations for the shelter at the GW High School.  They'll deliver them tomorrow morning along with hot coffee and pastries. They are specifically collecting packaged food, water, diapers, socks, towels.

George Washington High School, located on 192nd & Audubon is in need of the following:
Asthma inhalers & spacers
Books for kids & adults
Powdered drink mixes (Tang/Hi-C, etc.
Juice Boxes
Single serving snacks
Bottled water

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