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Friday, July 13, 2012


The city closed Splash Laundromat for failure to have sprinklers.  Based on the records of the Department of Buildings, the inspection of the Laundromat may have occurred as part of a routine inspection of the new Vines on Pines' space next door.

Jayed Realty Inc. is the owner of this complex of stores and, up until the recent complaints and inspections, had a relatively clean record.

Residents with laundry stuck at Splash are obviously worried.  There are sad notes like "my kids of have no clothes--help" on the storefront.  Reportedly the City will be scheduling a date for residents to come to Splash and pick up their items.  But there is no posting about this yet.

The Gazette also left a voice message with the building owner, Joseph Edelstein of Jayed, and will report if we hear anything.

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