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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Law and Order

The television show, "Law and Order," has been filming in and around St. Francis Cabrini church for the past few days.  Hundreds of parking spaces were displaced.  Where did everyone put their cars?

The show reportedly made donations to the Hudson Heights Owners Coalition and Fort Tryon Park Trust.


  1. I don't know about the parking, but do know they weren't very considerate of the neighborhood in terms of noise. There were constantly people behind our building at 190th/Ft. Wash. talking loudly after 9 pm at night as well as early (4:30 am) in the morning. It was as if they didn't realize that they were right outside our windows. I wanted to write a letter, but didn't know who to address it to.

  2. I would call and write the Mayor's Office of Film, which handles permits for use of streets and sidewalks for films and TV. Visit and pick "film/theater" from the list of city agency websites.

    The Mayor has aggresively courted movie and TV producers in the past decade as a way of raising revenue. But, in my opinion, residents now come in a distant second.

    -Chris Rizzo