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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tombstones Filming on 181st

This morning brought the excitement of both a car crash and a shoot out in the intersection of W 181st and Cabrini Blvd.  No, it wasn't a sudden uptick in crime.  It's the return of the new Liam Neeson film "A Walk Among The Tombstones."

Gun shots and then this guy running!
As you may remember, they were filming here a couple of weeks ago and had transformed the exterior of Saggio into a seedy, rundown bar.  They added the bar back on Friday and today they've been set up since the early hours of the morning with some pretty complex set ups.

The crew has been extremely friendly and patient, especially with their less-than-desirable job of asking people to wait or hide in entryways while they complete the shots.

Here are more pics from the earlier part of today's filming (it's ongoing until sundown).

Two cars approaching (see the blue one in the lower left corner), drawn by cables.

Crew approaching the crash site.

Time to reset for the next take!

The crash from the opposite perspective. 
The white pick up (driving out of the right side of this photo) is pulling the cars on cables.

Liam Neeson chases after the shooter! (And then maybe heads back to Le Cheile for a beer?)

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