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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

June 2: 2nd Annual Hudson Heights Spring Clean

via the Hudson Heights Spring Clean Committee!

It is that time again! The 2nd Annual Hudson Heights Spring Clean!!!!  This year will be even bigger and better than last year! We have already confirmed 2 amazing local businesses will be joining us, Skraptakular will be helping the kids weave trash into art and Sparkle Tiger Face Painting will be offering her face painting services!  Many local businesses will also be sponsoring different portions of the event.
The event will be held at BENNETT PARK on June 2nd from 12:30-4pm. All volunteers arrive by 12:30, groups depart at 1.  Arrive back at Bennett around 3 for pizza, artwork and face painting till 4pm!
A little history- this is the brainchild of 5 local moms who are tired of what a mess our neighborhood is every spring. So we got together, found a few sponsors, enlisted all our friends and family and started cleaning. Our goal is to take community action to provide a better neighborhood to live in. We plan to do this by taking action! We will divide up into teams and head out with trash bags, pooper-scoopers, bag receptacles, gloves and all the needed equipment to clean our designated areas. Currently we plan to cover all of Hudson Heights – W 173rd St up to W 192nd St, all avenues West of Broadway.  We have a meeting next week with Council Member Rodriguez’s office to see if we can expand it to his entire district! If you LOVE that idea, please feel free to contact his office and let them know that this is important to all of us!
What do we need to do this? VOLUNTEERS!!!! AND LOTS OF THEM! Last year we came up short of our goal to cover our whole area. This year we want to get every corner! As a thank you to all volunteers, we will be offering pizza and baked goods after the clean up.

Who we need-
Most important is our cleaning teams! Ideally we would have 12 teams of 7-10 individuals. If you can create your own full team, you can pick your specific desired area to clean!
We are also planning to set up lemonade stands throughout the district. If you have a kiddo who is not yet the age for cleaning, but would be perfect to run a lemonade stand- we need you!
Bakers- we plan to provide baked goods for all the volunteers!
After last years event we got tons of amazing feedback on the impact it had on all who participated. Many requested it become a bi-annual thing. All those bag receptacles throughout the neighborhood to hold dog bags – you can thank last years Spring Clean volunteers for putting those up! But most of all, we saw a difference in the neighborhood!
If you want to volunteer, please email

- the Hudson Heights Spring Clean Committee!

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