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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Candidates’ Forum for the 13th Congressional District

From Hudson Heights Owners Coalition:

Don’t know who you’re voting for in the primary on June 26?

Candidates’ Forum
for the 13th Congressional District
Wednesday, May 23
in the Castle Village Community Room
110 Cabrini Boulevard (just north of 181st)

Invited Guests include:
  Hon. Adriano Espaillat* 
  Ms. Joyce Johnson* 
  Hon. Charles Rangel 
  Mr. Craig Schley* 
  Mr. Clyde Williams*

Debate will be moderated by the League of Women Voters

This forum is sponsored by the Hudson Heights Owners Coalition (HHOC), a 501(c)(3) organiza-tion. HHOC does not make political endorsements, but since our founding in 1993 has held candi-dates’ forums in races where there is a true contest and something to be learned from the field of candidates vying for the public’s vote.

* confirmed as attending

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