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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vines on Pine is Moving

Word on the street is that Vines on Pine, the wine shop located on Pinehurst Avenue, is moving around the corner to Mr. Ahn's former market.  We love Vine on Pine, although we still miss Ahn and the ONLY green grocer in the vicinity of 187th Street.

Now....who will take Vines' current space?


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  2. We will double check our source! Thanks.

  3. Double-checked; Vines on Pines is moving; And they are mum on what will take over their current space.

    1. I didn't mean they weren't moving- meant that the current space they are in would supposedly be turned into a coffee shop because they had a 10 year lease on it.

  4. I asked about that and got a coy response. A coffee shop would definitely be cool on Pinehurst.

  5. Buunni Coffee is moving into the former Shoe Repair on Pinehurst! Hooray for a local, fair-trade, wonderful coffee place!!!!