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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Million Trees

New York City has planted dozens of new street trees in the past month in Hudson Heights.  But it leaves us a little concerned about who will maintain all the new tree pits, especially when they are not located in front of co-op buildings (which normally take responsibility for their trees).

The Department of Parks & Recreation, which cares for street trees, has created an adopt-a-tree program.  Residents in Hudson Heights are busy adopting the trees, although most remain without caretakers as of this writing.  (The website will allow you to see if a tree has been adopted but not by whom.)

What is involved?  Watering, litter removal, installation of a tree guard.  But some of the common practices like heavily mulching around the base of the tree or planting flowers at the base are discouraged because they can cut off oxygen to the roots and compete for water and nutrients (respectively).

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