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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6 is National Day of Action for Occupy Our Homes

Today is the National Day of Action to stop and reverse foreclosures.  According to "the Occupy Homes movement is holding actions around the country in support of homeowners and people fighting to have a home."

Mother Jones magazine has a more in depth story along with a map showing OccupyOurHomes events around the country.  There is one event taking place in NYC today - in Brooklyn.

Back in October we reported in part on foreclosures in Washington Heights.

A cursory search today reveals a potential uptick in foreclosures in Washington Heights.  There are 5 foreclosures currently located in the 10033 zip code, including one property that is a pre-foreclosure.  (Pre-foreclosure is the first stage of the foreclosure process in which a homeowner has defaulted on his or her mortgage payments, but still has the opportunity to stop the foreclosure by catching up on defaulted payments or paying off the entire loan balance - usually by refinancing or selling the property. - from

What do you think about the OccupyOurHomes movement in conjunction with OccupyWallStreet?

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