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Sunday, November 20, 2011

What happened to the Coliseum?

Does anyone know what's happened to the Coliseum Movie Theater on 181st and Broadway? A week ago, we noticed that no movie showings were listed on Fandango or other online sites. A walk today revealed that the theater looks abandoned!

Having a movie theater in the neighborhood is a great amenity, even if we wish the selection could have been more exciting or the theater more imaginatively managed (e.g. independent film festival or local filmmaker screenings anyone?) The next closest theater is the Magic Johnson theater at 125th.

The lonely ticket window...covered up by a Transformers poster.

If the Coliseum is indeed closed what would you like to see happen to the space? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. It would be a real shame if the Coliseum has closed permanently. I spent two months living in WaHi over the summer of 2010 and saw a couple of movies there. I plan to return to the area next summer, and would certainly pay the theater another visit. Having a local movie house saves long trips downtown, and prices are always lower as well. I hope the shut down is only temporary.

  2. I agree, would be too bad if it closed. I've seen a handful of movies there, and while it is a bit dingy & could use better soundproofing between the thin partition walls separating the theaters, it was overall clean & well-managed (I appreciate that they would patrol the theaters during movies), plus still retained much of the feel from its old movie-palace days. If it has closed, I would hope that it would just become another movie theater, or perhas a live music venue. Anything but an evangelical church!!!