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Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Police Meeting Will Have Extra Urgency

This month's police precinct meeting will feature a top NYPD official in addition to the precinct captain.  It is particularly important that residents attend this meeting.  The precinct council has received numerous complaints in the past few months of the precinct's refusal to take police reports or respond to crimes.  The concern of residents is that the precinct is under pressure to show a reduction in crime after 2010 and 2011 crime statistics showed a large increase in robberies and other property crimes.

Here is the meeting information:

34th Precinct Community Council General Meeting

Moriah Older Adult Luncheon
90 Bennett Avenue
Wednesday November 30, 2011
Doors Open at 6:45pm
Meetings starts promptly at 7:00pm


  1. My car was recently broken into near the corner of 190th and Cabrini. It took multiple calls to 911, and the precinct directly, to get anyone to show up. I stood in the rain for an hour and a half before they finally arrived.
    The first thing the officer said was, "This is a really bad spot for break-ins. You should think about calling the news to get something done about this."
    New York's finest?

  2. Thanks for posting this comment. And thanks for calling 911. A lot of people don't bother to report car break-ins, which skews the neighborhood crime statistics.

    I will be attending the 11/30 precinct meeting and will raise this issue.

    -Chris Rizzo