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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fancy Pies in Washington Heights!

While walking home from grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, our attention was grabbed by local resident, June Frances Coleman, who was set up on 181st & Cabrini with her amazing homemade pies.

June's locally grown business, Fancy Pies by JBO Homes, was inspired by family recipes. Current offerings include:
Nana's Alabama Apple (a traditional apple pie)
Sour Cream Apple Walnut
Southern Bourbon Sweet Potato
Creamy Jamaican Rum Spice Pumpkin
June was offering samples of the pies. In a clever move, rather than cut up pieces of a whole pie, she's created a miniature pie cookie - a penny-sized portion of her signature crust, which is closer to a shortbread cookie (delish!) with a dollop of filling. Brilliant!! Personally, I think she's got another great product there: Pie Cookies. How amazing would that be?!

Last night I hosted a small dinner party and served the pumpkin pie. It was well received - a fun twist on a classic. Sadly, we ate it before I had a chance to snap a photo.

If you'd like to order a pie for Thanksgiving, you must get your order in by TODAY! You can reach June at 212-696-6799 or Tell her that Hudson Heights Gazette sent you!

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  1. Thank you for the post Melissa! The response to the pies has been remarkably overwhelming. I was slammed with about 20 orders Sunday night. So there was much to do Tuesday night. I'm happy to report all orders were filled and I made a few extra which quickly got snagged by my neighbors that followed the smell of pie to my door. I'm working on a website and Facebook page at the moment, but for now you can follow Fancy Pie's on twitter @fancy_pies.