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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Remembering Sylvia Berman - October 16 - Ft. Tryon Park

From the Hudson Heights Owners Coalition:

Let’s Remember Sylvia Berman
Fort Tryon Park Volunteer Extraordinaire
1918 ~ 2011
25 years of service
For the Dedication of the
Plaque in Her Name

Sunday October 16 th, 2011
3:00 PM

Linden Terrace, Fort Tryon Park

3:00 pm: gather to soft music
3:20 pm: call to share memories of Sylvia
3:45 pm - 4:00 pm: socialize to soft music
Refreshments will be served
Guitar music by Juan Calderon

Letter From Nancy
Fort Tryon Park Gazette
Winter 2011

When I recently visited Sylvia Berman, she was doing The New York Times crossword puzzle. In ink. Not such a big deal in this brainy community perhaps, until you learn that Sylvia, a long-time volunteer with the Friends Committee, is 93 years old and recovering from a heart attack.

The light bulb went on. It is time to honor and thank Sylvia for a quarter century of volunteer work on behalf of Fort Tryon Park.

Friends Committee founder Carol Weinstein said that in 1984 Sylvia took charge of membership. “Our mission was to involve people in the park, and Sylvia was a master recruiter,” said Carol, adding, “She had her own strategy for engaging people; she was sincere. She was the main link-up between us and the people who use the park.”

Grateful for Sylvia’s years of service, Carol points out that no matter your age, you can make a difference in the park. “We were never just for the young,” said Carol, “Everyone can make a contribution; any skill is valuable to the park and to the organization.”

Francisco Menendez, Friends Steering Committee member and father of a seven year old daughter, sees Sylvia as “a tremendous role model for little girls for her volunteer work in the park, and also for her work with the League of Women Voters.” Francisco added, “Her life spans almost a century. Her mind is still sharp. She’s an amazing woman.”

Sylvia hosted the Friends membership table last fall. Perhaps you remember her with her chrysanthemum of white hair, impeccably dressed, not shy, but not pushy either. Sylvia has had a series of health setbacks recently, but that hasn’t stopped her from making the effort. A striking role model for us all—big girls, little girls, big boys and little boys alike.

The Friends Committee has dedicated a plaque to honor Sylvia Berman. On your next visit to the Linden Terrace you can find it on a bench. Please have a seat, enjoy the view and think about joining us! Thank you Sylvia for your inspiring dedication to the park.

Nancy Bruning
Chair, Friends Committee
Fort Tryon Park Trust

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