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Monday, September 19, 2011

Le Cheile Irish Bar & Restaurant Finally Open on 181st!

After a long renovation and much bated breath on behalf of certain locals, the newest addition to the neighborhood is finally open.

La Cheile, located at 181st & Cabrini, resides in the restaurant formerly known as La Hispaniola. While Hispaniola had a good run and an impressive menu, several years ago the owner ran into trouble and eventually it closed. (For at least one year it operated as an underwhelming Mexican restaurant).

It's exciting to see it get a facelift. Its bright raspberry pink exterior had already been attracting attention since the spring. The interior is bright and friendly. We consider it a welcome addition to the neighborhood and will give it a full review once their kitchen is up and running, which we've been told will happen by the end of the week, along with the upstairs dining section (photos of that to come).

Formerly Hispaniola's cigar bar, now this is a bright, homey dining section.

Currently, they are only serving drinks. The kitchen is expected to be open by the end of the week, along with the upstairs dining section. The full bar is well-stocked with craft beer on taps. Our only minor criticism is that currently there is only one hard cider on offer - the mediocre Magners. (But they're hoping to add more ciders to the menu).

Eager patrons gather at the main bar for inaugural drinks!

The writers and contributors of Hudson Heights Gazette will be gathering tonight around 8:30PM for a celebratory "welcome" round of drinks. Maybe we'll see you there!

You can learn more about them on their website. In the meantime, welcome to the neighborhood, Le Cheile!

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  1. Update! It looks like they are now serving food! At least a small bar menu... any early reviews?