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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wild West: Dyckman Street Runs Wild

I was headed home in my car from Riverdale to Hudson Heights at 9 p.m. on Sunday, May 8.  I decided to make a pitstop at Indian Road Cafe in Inwood to pick up some coffee.  I exited the Henry Hudson Parkway at Dyckman Street.   Big mistake.

I encountered about 500 folks, mostly men, having an unauthorized street party at the western terminus of Dyckman Street at the park.  There were hundreds of cars, blaring loudspeakers, motorcycles, beer bottles in paper bags, blocked traffic, etc.  There was not a police officer to be found.  Traffic from the highway was almost entirely blocked.

I called 911 and was repeatedly referred to 311 and told that my call was not a true emergency.  Since when is a un-permitted street party blocking a Henry Hudson Parkway exit ramp not an emergency?  

On my fourth call, the 911 operator finally logged the report.  As I headed back to Hudson Heights from Indian Road Cafe I saw police officers clearing traffic and breaking up the scene.   Dyckman Street was a complete mess of traffic, police officers and noisy party goers at outdoor cafes.

The next public meeting of the 34th Precinct Community Council is on May 25.  Jennifer Hoppa from the Parks Department will be joining 34th Precinct commanding officer, Jose Navarro, for the meeting.  From what I can see, they're both doing great work in Northern Manhattan.  Let's hope they have a game plan for dealing with the ongoing mess on Dyckman Street.


Chris Rizzo

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