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Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Police Meeting

Captain Jose Navarro provided an update on crime in the 34th Precinct at the February 23, 2011 meeting of the 34th Precinct Community Council.  The Captain said that the precinct's efforts to eliminate muggings in Hudson Heights have had some success.  As reported in 2010, a series "unnerving" muggings had occurred on Overlook Terrace and parts of Fort Washington Avenue in October, November and December.  Most of the attacks were focused on delivery men and commuters coming to and from the subway at odd hours.  (The Captain also said that many of the muggings involved people using cell phones, i-phones, blackberries and other devices while walking.)

The Captain assigned officers and patrol cars to these locations, which seems to have scared off the thugs.  The police have not, however, made any notable arrests.  While they know that loosely-associated crews of young men are committing the crimes, the police have been unable to catch a group in the act.

To contact the precinct's community affairs officers to discuss the problem, e-mail or call 212-927-0576/0287.

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