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Monday, January 17, 2011

Eyesore of the Week (1/11/11)-Updated 1/17/11

HHG's eyesore of the week on 1/11/11 was a photo of the Christmas trees piled on the street waiting for garbage collection.  We figured that within a week the situation would have resolved itself.  It hasn't.  There have never been so many trees dumped on the streets for so long.  A few were even dumped in the Paterno Trivium at 187th and Cabrini.

We promise to begin posting information on tree recycling in November this year!  The City sponsors free tree mulching and recycling, including this year's site in Bennett Park.  Look for information on recycling your tree next year at


  1. Yah, I'm guilty of leaving my tree on the sidewalk. At least this year Bennett Park was one of the host sites. However, Jan 8/9 was too late for us - we had to get rid of our tree before New Year's.

  2. Chris - what was the verdict? :)