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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Anyone living in Hudson Heights this summer, particularly along Cabrini Boulevard, noticed the invasion of skunks.   Walking home in the evening past piles of garbage bags became an adventure.  Its unsettling to see a white stripe peak out from a pile of garbage bags or the bushes a few feet away from you!  Peter Smith reported a den in the woods just at the corner of 190th and Cabrini.  A whole family, babies included, lived there.  And while the sight of a skunk in your path home is unsettling, I have never heard of a person being sprayed in our neighborhood.  (I am aware of one dog victim.)

Just after Labor Day, however, the skunks disappeared.  This seemed extremely odd and one had to wonder if a well-intentioned building superintendent didn't "off" them.

But I'm happy to report, second-hand, that at least one skunk was spotted this week on Cabrini.

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