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Friday, April 26, 2013

Editorial: Hudson Heights Gazette Supports a Slow Zone in Hudson Heights

Update:  The Community Board will vote on the proposal on May 28.  The meeting will be at Russ Berrie Pavilion 1150 St. Nicholas Ave between W.167th and W.168th Sts. The final decision is made by the NYC Department of Transportation but Board support is crucial.  

Local residents are submitting a proposal to the New York City Department of Transportation for a "slow traffic zone" in Hudson Heights.  The Gazette is in full support.  While a slow zone is only as good as its enforcement, its a step in the right direction towards making our streets more pedestrian friendly.  As our neighborhood swells with young kids (have you noticed?), its time to calm the traffic flow.

The only shortcoming of the City's slow zone program is that Fort Washington Avenue would not be eligible becuase of its major bus routes.  But there are other ways to slow traffic, like creating a striped parking lane and staggering traffic light timing.  The City should explore these options too.

Chris Rizzo, Cabrini Blvd.

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