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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Alternate Side of the Street Parking Rules Suspended Soon? Yes...Temporarily.

Effective Monday, March 18, 2013, Street Cleaning/Alternate Side Parking Regulations (ASP) will be temporarily suspended in parts of the Washington Heights and Inwood communities of Manhattan Community Board 12. ASP Regulations will be suspended, until further notice, in the area indicated below while the Department of Transportation posts new signs reducing the frequency and duration of street cleaning restriction in these areas. Once the sign changes are completed throughout the area, advance public notice will be given before the newly posted regulations go into effect and enforcement resumes. Please contact 311 or Community Board 12 at (212) 568-8500 for more information.

The Street Cleaning Regulations will be suspended within the following borders:

North:  181st Street (included) from Riverside Drive to Amsterdam Avenue.

East:     Amsterdam Avenue (included) from 181st Street to Edgecombe Avenue, and Edgecombe Avenue (included) from Amsterdam Avenue to 155th Street.

South:  155th Street (included) from the Harlem River Drive to Riverside Drive.

West:   Riverside Drive (included) from 155th Street to 181st Street.

Note:    *Also included in the suspension is the Harlem River Drive from 155th Street to the Harlem River Drive Ramp.

No Parking Sign - ImageOnly signs with a broom indicating street cleaning regulations will be suspended.

The changes do not affect the 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. rules, parking meters, or any rules which are not Street Cleaning Regulations. Remember: if you need further information, please call 311 or visit the Department of Sanitation’s web site at or the Community Board 12 web site at

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