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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

UPDATED: The Heights Recovers from Hurricane Sandy

The Heights came out largely unscathed by Hurricane Sandy, thank goodness.  We've been stunned and saddened to hear the reports of damage and destruction around the city, especially in the Far Rockaways.  We've been heartened though by the support networks that have formed via Twitter, Facebook and email Listservs.

We haven't ventured outside yet (and aren't recommending that you do either, unless you're sure it's safe) but are certainly curious to find out what the status is in Hudson Heights.

Stores/businesses currently open (h/t Parent Listserv!):
VIM Drugstore
99 Cent Store
Dunkin Donuts
Saggio (at 4PM)
Le Cheile
Diamond Nails
181 Cabrini
Sushi Yu
No. 1 Chinese

Gideon Bakery -- CLOSED AS OF 3PM
Buunni Coffee
Critter Outfitters
Next Door
Monkey Room
Refried Beans

Parks remain closed!

Have any businesses to add to the list?  Tell us in the comments section!

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