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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Coffee Shop coming to the Heights!

Commenter madrededudley tipped us off in May that Cafe Buunni would be taking over the JMB Shoe Repair storefront.  This sign in the window at 213 Pinehurst Ave confirms the news!

Looks like the neighborhood will get a coffee shop by the end of the summer.  Aside from the Starbucks on 181st & Ft. Washington there is no other coffee shop in the neighborhood, though you can get coffee & breakfast at 181 Cabrini and Le Cheile, among other places.

According to their website, "Café Buunni will be a coffee, tea, espresso bar, also serving some fresh juices and smoothies. We will offer a small selection of high quality food and baked goods."

We wonder if the shop will retain any references to its predecessor, the cobbler shop, a la Locksmith - the bar on Broadway and 192nd.


  1. That's good news! I still miss Helene's, which was where Sava is now.

  2. Their coffee is amazing. You can get it now online and they will deliver it free in the neighborhood. Nothing like supporting wonderful local businesses!