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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hudson Heights Crime Round-Up

There is little to report from the March 23 police meeting that is directly related to Hudson Heights.  An assistant district attorney provided a lengthy discussion about identify theft, which is becoming a big problem in northern Manhattan.  And commanding officer Buzzetti provided an overview of crime, focusing mostly on events taking place on Dyckman Street and Inwood.  He noted success in reducing muggings and burglaries, which had become a problem in 2011. 

The vaseline burglar has not been caught but police have identified him as 40-year Luis Gonzalez.  The suspect apprehended on Cabrini Boulevard and 187th Street on March 19 was not Mr. Gonzalez.  But it is worth noting that this young burglar (unamed at the police meeting) had his own history of 35 prior arrrests!

Buzzetti also spoke briefly about the problem of drag racing by motorcycles on the Henry Hudson Parkway.  The police continue to confiscate unregistered motorcycles, but the owners are usually able to reclaim them by registering them and showing proper I.D.  In the meantime, warm weather is likely to bring more of this noisy and dangerous behavior and the best solution is to continue calling 911!

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