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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Buddha Beer Bar

Maybe its a sad comment on Broadway in Northern Manhattan, but almost any renovated commercial establishment is welcome.  This is true for Buddha Beer Bar on Broadway and 191st Street, the new beer hall run by James Lee, the owner of 181 Cabrini Restaurant.  Entrepreneurs like Lee are driving a welcome change in the quality of Broadway.

Buddha features an impressive 25 beers on tap, knowledgeable staff and a small selection of tasty dishes that are similar to the offerings at 181.  The interior, however, is not particularly inviting and the acoustics can be really bad--especially when the five wide-screen televisions are blaring.  This will definitely be a good place to catch a game and enjoy high-quality beer.  Hanging out with a friend for a conversation, not so much.

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  1. This post lasted two months without anyone pointing out that we had written "conversion" in place of "conversation." Insert the former above and have a good laugh.