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Monday, February 6, 2012

Business Closings Near 187th

As was recently covered by, Ahn's Vegetable & Fruit Store closed at the beginning of the year.  A neighborhood establishment for more than 30 years, many were sad to see it go.  Since then, the metal grate has been down with no signs of a new forthcoming business.

We recently learned that the shoe repair shop on Pinehurst, nestled between Sava Spa and Vines on Pine, is also soon to close.  This is another neighborhood business that seemed like an indefinite fixture, part of the fabric of the neighborhood.

Of course, change is inevitable.  But we'd like to also think of it as a chance to brainstorm about what we'd like to see in our neighborhood.
  • What suggestions do you have for businesses that might be successful on that commercial strip?
  • What would add value to the neighborhood and be economically sustainable?

Share your ideas and any leads in the comments!


  1. A day-and-night, high traffic business is best for this strip. A great coffee shop with WiFi and maybe some live acoustic music...we need business that work towards weaving the community tighter.

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  3. Another possibility would be a children's boutique. I'm not a parent myself, but considering the number of families in the neighborhood, I think it could do well.
    It could sell kids clothing, baby supplies, strollers, etc. I bet you could even combine the two available spaces as I assume they border each other in the back.

  4. I have a feeling that the little place down on 181st, Wiggles & Giggles covers that market. Every time I run by it seems like they have added something else to their windows.

  5. I've heard that Frank's has taken over the leases of both of those spaces and plans to open an Italian restaurant.

  6. Thanks for all the comments everyone! Some intriguing ideas. RBB - the Monkey Room used to be a coffee shop during the day, maybe 8 years ago or so. It was a nice place to stop in and grab a coffee and muffin. Then at night it was a bar. Seemed like a good mix. Robby - it seems like retail might be a good option for the neighborhood. - there really isn't much. Enthusiastic cook - VERY interesting! We'll have to do some investigative reporting next...

  7. I don't know if you remember Helene's, but even before the Monkey Bar offered coffee and pastries during the day, Helene's (where Sava is now? or maybe the liquor store?) sold delectable sandwiches and beautiful pastries. It was a lovely little space.