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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bennett Avenue Non-Robbery

Here is a link to yesterday's New York Times article about the Belgian tourist arrested by officers from the 34th Precinct while scaling the rocks in Fort Tryon Park.   Apparently, a deranged resident on Bennett Avenue called 911 and falsely reported a burglary of his apartment.  When the police arrived, he looked out his window and suggested, "that's him climbing up the hill into Fort Tryon Park."  The police then arrested and grilled the suspect before realizing the burglary report was false and releasing the hapless tourist.

So what was this young, Belgian guy doing in the park?  On his way to the Cloisters he mistakenly exited the A train on Bennett Avenue rather than taking the elevator to the surface on Fort Washington Avenue.  He decided to climb up the rocks to Fort Washington Avenue for fun, rather than going back into the station--unfortunate timing.

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