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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Washington Heights 2011 Video Recap by ArtByDjBoy

I love the power of Twitter and the power of community spaces, like Word Up! Bookstore on Broadway between 175th & 176th.

I went there today for a meeting and towards the end, a man came in to set up for a video shoot - an interview was to take place.  His face seemed familiar.  Our conversation went like this:
ME:  Are you @ArtByDjBoy?
HIM: Yah!
ME: I'm @anthropologistsm!
(mutual excitement ensued)
For those who aren't on Twitter, I'm referring to our Twitter handles.  We then exchanged our real names and I got to tell him in person how much I loved his beautiful, inspiring video wrap-up for the year that was 2011 in Washington Heights.

Dj Boy is a photographer, videographer and DJ.  You can check out his work here:

Did you watch the video?  What did you think?

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    It was nice to meet you!
    As much as I hate the name "Hudson Heights" since it's not a real neighborhood, I do like this site.