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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Storefront Science to Open in the Heights

All too often, when a new business opens on the 181st Street corridor, it's a cell phone provider or laundromat or hair salon or something of that ilk. That's why we were very pleasantly surprised by the low-key arrival of Storefront Science.  

Located at 728 West 181st Street between Broadway and Ft. Washington Ave and founded by Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone, a Washinton Heights resident, "Storefront Science engages children through inquiry and exploration.  Utilizing wonder, discovery and the process of science, we encourage children to "explore outside your door" with concepts that promote questioning, gathering information, co-operation and critical thinking." (from

On Monday evening (when this photo was taken) several families were taking advantage of Sneak Peek Week, December 18-21, from 3-5PM.

Sample Class:
Let there be Light! It's the Electricity and Energy Club (K-5)
Times: Tuesday 4:30 - 5:45 OR Wednesday 3:00 - 4:15
If you've ever wondered how the light switch works or been interested in harnessing a new energy source for your laptop, join this club to explore electricity and energy. We'll design circuits and experiment with ways to conserve and transfer energy.
We've recently written about science education (or lack thereof) in the public school systems in NYC.  Given the recent announcement by Cornell to build a high-tech graduate school on Roosevelt Island, slated to open by 2017, we're curious if this new focus on science education is a trend we'll see more of.

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