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Thursday, November 17, 2011

OWS Day of Action

Today promises to be a chaotic day on Wall Street as Occupy Wall Street protesters rove far beyond Zuccotti Park to stage pop-up demonstrations all over downtown as part of the movement's "day of action."  (Unfortunately, there is no sign of state or federal legislation that might actually respond to the protesters' demands regarding income inequality in the United States.)

Uptown, local politicions are expressing support for Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez (D., Inwood and Washington Heights) who was arrested this week during the NYPD's midnight clearing of the park.  See this link for more information on the Councilman's plight from Gotham Gazette.

Senator Adriano Espaillat had the following to say: “Council Member Rodriguez and the Occupy Wall Street movement represent ideas that have certainly resonated with everyday New Yorkers, as demonstrated by last week’s successful 11-mile march connecting diverse communities from Washington Heights to Wall Street.”

We contacted the offices of Councilman Robert Jackson, N.Y. Assemblyman Herman Farrell and U.S. Congressman Charles Rangel regarding the latest events but no statements were available.  We will post any statements that come.

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