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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pre-School Problems in Hudson Heights

Posted by L. J. Dutchover

When we started to look for a preschool for our 3-year-old daughter last year, my husband and I quickly realized that there is no school within walking distance that would meet her needs.  We then expanded our search to the entire Upper West Side and ended up, most happily, at a wonderful school in Morningside Heights.  We feel confident that this school is the best one for her and are thrilled with our decision to send her there.  However, as we board the M4 every morning for a half hour to forty-five minute bus ride, the thought has crossed my mind that it would be great if there were more choices for quality early childhood education available to the families of Hudson Heights as well as the entire surrounding community of Washington Heights.

We need a good, non-denominational, private preschool to open up in Hudson Heights.   About a year ago, I received word that there were plans for a preschool along these lines to open at Mother Cabrini, but have heard nothing more about this so I assume the project is either on hold, or simply not going to happen.

If this neighborhood is going to continue to grow and prosper, education needs to be examined more closely.  The gem of the neighborhood, P.S. 187, is dealing with limited budgets and overcrowding.  The pre-k program there always has more applicants than seats.  The value of early childhood education has been proven over and over and a quality early childhood experience sets the stage for future academic success.  How can we improve the odds for the children of Hudson Heights and get more quality programs to start up in this neighborhood?

(This is the first posting under the heading of Education and Parenting.)


  1. L.J. points out these resources for parents seeking pre-school information:


    *The Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools, by Victoria Goldman and Catherine Hausman (Soho Press)



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