Hudson Heights Weather

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hudson Heights was buzzing with activity today.  The stores were making a killing from residents stocking up on "supplies," particularly Vines on Pines.  Here are some photos of the pre-storm activity.

Ships filled the Hudson River, apparently to escape the tidal surge expected in New York harbor.

Residents filled the parks, getting in the last workout before the storm.

Parks were closed, in theory only.

Apparently, the human residents aren't the only one stocking up on supplies.  This guy was hoarding nuts like mad.

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  1. Nice photos! I went running earlier this a.m. just when Irene was leaving us- still rain and strong gusts, but the view along the Hudson in Ft. Washington Park was awesome! 4 miles down, the park was buzzing with others emerging from the storm and curious, and 4 miles up- dry and the sun peeking out. Great weather! Glad it wasn't worse. The parks have a ton of work ahead of them, though- kudos to NYC Parks Dept. for their efforts before, during & after the storm.