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Thursday, August 18, 2011

NYPD Announces Plans to Transfer 34th Precinct's Commanding Officer

According to DNA Info, the New York Police Department plans to transfer Captain Jose Navarro out of the 34th Precinct.  According to Carla Zanoni's article, local politicians and community members are outraged.

The move is likely related to the sharp rise in crime in the 34th Precinct in the past 12 months, including spikes in muggings, burglaries and several high-profile sexual assaults. 

In my opinion, Captain Navarro has brought a breath of fresh air to the precinct, always willing to speak clearly and honestly at community meetings. 

I suspect that the uptick in crime is less related to precinct leadership and more related to two key factors:  (1) the precinct is woefully understaffed and (2) the economic downturn has left the community's young people (particularly black and hispanic youth) without real job opportunities. 

Unemployment in the United States is hovering just below 10%; New York City is doing much better and is about 9%.  But U.S. teenagers have a 25% unemployment rate!  The rates among young African Americans and Hispanics are much higher.

-Chris Rizzo

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