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Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Blues at the Corner of 187th and Fort Washington

A woman has sued the Riverside Animal Clinic at Fort Washington Avenue and West 187th Street, claiming that the clinic allowed her dog to "bark itself to death" while being boarded at the facility.  According to court papers, the dog barked for days, causing its throat to swell and cut off air flow.

You can read the story at the N.Y. Post.

Anyone else have qualms about having a dog clinic wedged in among a supermarket, diner and Indian restaurant?  

Speaking of our local Indian restaurant, a credible information source tells me that roaches were spotted at the restaurant on two separate occasions.  The first roach was found rolled up in a napkin. The second was running across the table.

The restaurant's grade from the NYC Department of Health is currently pending--a bad sign.  

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