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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer 2011: Same Old Stories from Cabrini Boulevard

Captain Jose Navarro spoke to the 34th Precinct Community Council on April 27, focusing his comments on a string of burglaries in Washington Heights.  Most have taken place in the vicinity of Saint Nicholas Avenue between 185th and 190th Streets.  The crimes are notable because they happen in the daytime, involve entry through fire escapes and most of the perpetrators are teens.  The police have arrested 4 youths already.  (He did not mention the recent burglary on Cabrini Boulevard or whether there have been any other burglaries this side of Broadway.)

Captain Navarro's remaining comments focused on the usual summer problems:  a spike in car break-ins on Cabrini Boulevard, drug use in Bennett Park and Fort Tryon Park after dark, illegal motorcycle use and drag racing.  Police have arrested several teenagers in the parks for smoking marijuana and seized several motorcycles.

The captain also mentioned a disturbing incident on Cabrini Boulevard north of 190th Street.  Ten cars were vandalized one evening without any thefts involved.  More plain cloths officers are now patrolling this desolate stretch of Cabrini Boulevard.

One speaker from Cabrini Boulevard also mentioned an increase in late-evening parties in Fort Tryon Park and illegal use of the basketball courts at P.S. 187 late into the evening.  The captain promised to investigate both trends.

The next community council meeting takes place on May 25 at 7 p.m. at P.S. 52 in Inwood.  The public is encouraged to attend and speak.  The community council, led by George Espinal, is also holding its annual fundraiser this evening!  Check out for more details.

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