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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cultural Clippings

The Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance as announced the following:

The Laundromat Project presents Create Change, a public art residency program developed to connect communities and artists in meaningful ways.  Artist can participate as a Create Change Professional Development Fellow or as a Create Change Public Artist in Residence.  Have your questions answered about the application process and learn more about what the program offers.

Info Session: Monday, March 21, 2011, 7pm
Location: Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance
The Cornerstone Center, 178 Bennett Ave. (at 189th St.), 1st Floor

Info session hosted by the Nothern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA)

Application Deadline: Thursday, March 24, by midnight

About Create Change
Create Change is a public art residency program developed to connect communities and artists in meaningful ways. There are two ways in which you can participate: the first is as a Create Change Professional Development Fellow, and the second is as a Create Change Public Artist in Residence.

Create Change Professional Development Fellows participate in monthly discussions and workshops designed to help artists deepen their approach to having a socially-engaged creative practice. These monthly sessions, while led by a facilitator or guest speaker, encourage peer learning and knowledge exchange. They also provide access to information and resources from both the arts and social justice sectors, and offer an opportunity to expand fellows’ personal and professional networks.

Create Change Public Artists in Residence not only participate in the program’s professional development component, but also are resourced to apply this learning through a site-specific project in their local laundromat. Each CC public artist is charged with placing art-making in the context of everyday living by creating a project that: 
  • is socially relevant and specific to the unique space of your local coin-op
  • engages neighbors and fellow laundry patrons as participants in the creative process, rather than as passive recipients of the work;
  • taps into what it means to be a neighbor in the area you call home.
Overall, Create Change invites artists to use their creative practice as a vehicle to build relationships with and among their neighbors.

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