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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crime Round-Up/Mind Your Electronic Devices

The 34th Precinct community council met this evening.  As usual, the highlight was Captain Jose Navarro's no-nonsense update on crime in Manhattan's northern-most precinct.   Here are the highlights:

*The police arrested a man for an attempted mugging in front of 518 Fort Washington Avenue.  The 18-year old hispanic male is suspected of other muggings in the area.  As the Gazette has reported in past months, there have been several muggings on Overlook Terrace and Fort Washington Avenue in the past few months.  Since the arrest on March 15, however, there have been no  further reported incidents.

*Unfortunately, while crime above ground has subsided, there have been two muggings on the A Train at 190th Street.  These two incidents are part of string of similar incidents elsewhere in Manhattan.  Here's how it works:  a group of 14 or 15-year old boys identify a young female victim with a handheld electronic device.  When the train reaches a station, they hold open the doors, which allows an older criminal on the platform to enter the subway car and snatch the device.  The criminals then run off as the train doors close.  While most of the incidents have occurred elsewhere, two young ladies at 190th Street were victims.  DON'T HOLD YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES IN PLAIN SIGHT!

*Although outside my jurisdiction of Hudson Heights, there were two disturbing incidents in Inwood this week.  A black male with a ski mask entered residential buildings and snatched purses from two female victims as they entered or exited elevators.  Both incidents occurred on Park Terrace East.  Time to hire some security guards for these co-op buildings.....

The next community council meeting will take place on April 27th.  See you there!

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