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Friday, February 11, 2011

Op-Ed: Hudson Droppings, “Curb Your Dog”

Walk around much lately?  Take notice of what will surface on the sidewalks as the snow & ice begin to melt away.  Besides the loose trash that will see daylight once again, watch the two-week old droppings from man’s best friend.  I will be the first to admit that I’m no pet lover.  But, is it just me or has the dog population in our ‘hood just exploded over the past few years?  Take a stroll down Pinehurst and along Bennett Park tomorrow evening and you will be in for one olfactory experience.  But be sure to watch your step or you may encounter a landmine.  And how about Cabrini Boulevard just north of 190th Street?...well, you get the point. 

Owners risk being fined up to $250 in NYC if they do not curb their dogs and yet it seems we still have an abundance of dog “poo” lining our sidewalks and streets, not to mention yellow ice patches causing potential walking hazards during the cold rush-hour mornings.  We say to those who curb their pooch, “we salute you”; to those who have no respect for their neighbors or regard for the cleanliness of their neighborhood, “get a pooper scooper”; and, lastly, for those who attempt to curb or perhaps smear after their dog, we say “that’s just shitty.” 

So be a respectful neighbor and responsible pet owner by training your dog to use the gutter and be sure to check out this post on Four Easy Ways to Curb Your Dog  by Ashley Welch at New York News & Views.

Patrick Moschitto

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