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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Restaurant Ratings

As we get ready to post our first Hudson Heights restaurant review, we thought it would be useful to provide a short review of the City's health rating system for restaurants.

The New York City Department of Health conducts regular inspections of restaurants in New York City.  They evaluate hygiene, food handling (i.e., is hot food kept hot) and whether food is coming from approved sources.  The agency then assesses points to the restaurant based on any violations found.   Having 0-13 points is considered an A rating.  Having 14-27 points is considered a B rating.  And having 28 or more points is considered a C rating.

Restaurants with C ratings face monthly agency inspections and are at risk of being closed at a moment's notice.

We decided to take a look at some local restaurants' ratings.  Here is a sampling:  Starbucks (on 181st)-2; Manolo Tapas (on Broadway)-8; Bleu (on 187th)-10; Kismat (on Fort Washington)-10; Monkey Room (on Fort Washington)-10; Fivo's Pizza (on 187th)-17; Yun Yang Garden (on 187th)-17; Sushi (on 181st)-22; Domino's Pizza (on 181st)-26. 

None of the restaurants in the area is currently rated with 28 points or above, although some are coming quite close.

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