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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eyesore of the Week (1/4/11)

Yeah, look carefully, you'll see it.  Perhaps now that subway fares and bridge tolls have risen by 15% or more the NYCTA can afford some basic vermin control.  (Photo Melissa Fendell Moschitto)


  1. You're so right...rising fares that are continuing to drive the working & middle class out of NYC, with very little-to-nothing in return. Other A train woes: Coming back late Saturday night from a holiday trip out west, catching the A train from JFK all the way to 175th street was like taking a tour through Calcutta, not a supposedly 'world-class' city. Actually, comparing it to Calcutta would be insulting to Calcutta. Trash lining the stations, homeless people spread throughout the cars (not blaming them for they had no place to go, but still indicative of the larger issues plaguing this city), trash & other messes throughout the cars...the list goes on. I love this neighborhood, but your photo & the fact that all of the stations here are medieval- in a bad way -is embarassing & shameful, & I feel that way because of my affection for the neighborhood. Do our politicians read these neighborhood blogs? Do they really care?

  2. Agreed. NYC is one part first world and one part third world. HHG is considering sending "eyesores of the week" to the offending parties (we're still weighing this option). More to come on that in the near future.

  3. I think you should definitely send posts and pics to the offending parties!!