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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eyesore of the Week, 203 Cabrini Blvd. (12/7/10)

The developer of 203 Cabrini Blvd. (Block 2179/Lot 153) seems to have walked away from the site.  The NYC Department of Buildings issued a permit for a home in 2007.  Residents filed numerous complaints against the developer during construction and the Department issued a violation and stop work order in 2008.  With the exception of a March 2010 application to install this chain link fence, there has been no other activity on site.  Too bad.  Its a prime building location for someone that can figure out how to manage the rock outcropping.

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  1. Ha, for a second In thought that was my car and I balked. You're right about that spot though, I park near it and often think of what it might become someday. Maybe a garden.