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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pumpkin House for Sale (aka 16 Chittenden)

16 Chittenden Avenue, referred to as the "Pumpkin House," went on the market this week for $3,900,000. The broker is Gumley, Haft & Kleier, which this author has never heard of before.  This house is unique in many ways.  For starters, its one of only a few single-family homes in Hudson Heights.  It also cantilevers over the forest that flanks the Henry Hudson Parkway.  The views of the bridge, river and Palisades must be spectacular.

The current owner purchased the home in 2000.  Strangely, the New York City property records do not list an acquisition price.  I used some information, like the City's mortgage recording tax from that 2000 transfer, to speculate on the purchase price.  I suspect it was substantially lower than $3,900,000.  But I won't share my numbers online.

For those of you that want to try your own searches on the property, the block and lot are 2179 and 242, respectively.


  1. I'm told that Gumley, Haft & Kleier is a noted broker for owners of high-end homes in New York City. Welcome to Hudson Heights GHK.