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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Irish Invasion (Updated 12/18/10)

The Manhattan Times reported this week that Tiornagh Harmon has proposed an Irish bar and restaurant for the corner of 181st and Cabrini where Hispanola turned Azteca once reigned.  I took this as great news, although I have some concerns about making sure that noise and music are controlled from any new establishment there.  Ms. Harmon is the owner of An Beal Bocht in Riverdale, which has great beer, great live music and a fair share of neighborhood complaints about noise (mostly from the sidewalk seating.)

Apparently, however, the local Community Board turned down Ms. Harmon's request for a liquor license after she failed to appear at the subcommittee's meeting on the subject.  This seems petty, given the number of liquor licenses that are freely given to very noisy establishments on Broadway.  Presumably Ms. Harmon won't given up that easily!

Look for a new blog entry with more information on this new restaurant.

1/10/11 Update:  Renovations have begun!

12/18/10 Update:  I bumped into one of the owners, Tony Caffrey, outside the restaurant today.  He said that the owners are still working out details on the restaurant, including resolving issues created by the prior owner of Hispanola/Azteca.  He didn't give me a predicted opening date, but he's enthusiastic about creating a local art, food, cafe and music scene.  Stay tuned.  

According to the Riverdale Press, the owners' other establishment in Riverdale, "An Beal Bocht," was closed for a few days by the NYC Department of Health for minor violations related to cleanliness in food preparation areas.

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  1. Chris - They did ultimately receive the liquor license the second time around. The CB likes for business owners to attend in person; apparently she wasn't aware about the first hearing. Anyway, glad to know it's coming!