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Thursday, November 11, 2010

34th Precinct's Tips on Preventing Car Break-Ins

The following tips were recently provided to me by the Community Affairs officer of the 34th Precinct.  (Unfortunately in Hudson Heights, we don't have much control over where we park.  When you see a spot, you need to grab it!)

34TH PRECINCT, Tips on Preventing Car Break-Ins

1. Park in well lit areas.  Parking in a well lit area where your vehicle is highly visible will deter thieves, especially if there is constant traffic and other people walking by.  Parking your vehicle in a dimly lit, remote area of the street makes your vehicle an easy target

2. Remove valuables from sight left in plain sight. Leaving an expensive GPS unit on the dashboard or a laptop computer on the back seat invites a vehicle to be broken into. Gifts are another easy target at holiday time when left in plain sight.  Ipods, MP3 players, PDA's, cell phones and cash left on the front seat are another very easy target. These items are small and easy grabbed by thieves. Secure your valuables in the trunk, or cover them up and keep them out of view. Doing so before you reach your destination is also a good idea, in the event that a thief is watching the parking lot.

3. Eliminate tell tale signs.  Car break ins are usually not random. Thieves are looking for valuables and will break into those cars that they think have valuables in them. Don't leave an empty GPS mount on the dash or windshield. Even the rings that the suction cup from some GPS mounts leave tell thieves that you have a GPS unit. Power cables and charges are another tell tale sign that you have expensive electronics and most likely, the items are still in your car. Unplug your chargers, and remove the suction cup rings from the windshield.  Many companies make bean bag type mounts for your GPS unit, which leave no tell tale signs, and can be quickly removed from sight.

4. Lock your doors and close your windows.  ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOORS NO MATTER WHERE YOU PARK. Even if you are leaving the car for "only a second" lock all your doors. Make sure all your windows are up as well.

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