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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

34th Precinct Monthly Meeting: More Muggings and More Officers

The 34th Precinct Community Council held its monthly meeting on October 27th from 7 to 9 p.m. at a public school at Sherman Avenue and 204th Street.  The focus of the meeting was Captain Jose Navarro's frank talk about crime issues in the precinct.  In his usual no-nonsense style, the captain summarized a range of issues that his officers are facing.  The good news is that the precinct is getting more officers.  The bad news is they are "impact officers" they stay only on a temporary basis.

In a nutshell, here are the crimes impacting Hudson Heights:

*This month there has an unusual uptick in muggings on Bennett Avenue.  Few details were provided and Hudson Heights Gazette is attempting to track down the numbers.  Apparently, most of the incidents occur while people are leaving the subway station on their way home, often while distracted by cell phones or MP3 players.  One NYPD officer also mentioned a mugging on Cabrini Boulevard.  Captain Navarro warned against jogging in Inwood Hill Park or Fort Tryon Park with headphones, particularly during off-hours.  The captain promised more patrols on Bennett and I noticed two officers patrolling at 187th and Bennett on my way home from the meeting.

*The high numbers of car break-ins on Cabrini Boulevard and Seaman Avenue remains a problem.  Captain Navarro expressed frustration with the repeat offenders and recounted an officer's arresting a thug one day and re-arresting the same thug five days later.  Many break-ins involve efforts to steal electronic devices like GPS units.

*There is an uptick in identify theft in the precinct, particularly involving theft of ATM card information.   Be on the lookout for ATM machines that have been tampered with or persons looking over your shoulder.

*The precinct is continuing its crackdown on nightlife and noise.  There was no mention of locations in Hudson Heights.

*The police are continuing their investigation of a stabbing in the 200th Street A-Train station, which has been widely reported in the news and is linked to other incidents at 96th Street and elsewhere.

*The NYPD is continuing its investigation of the stabbing of two teenagers inside the building 736 181st Street.  One died and one was critically wounded.  The police have made 4 arrests and more are expected.  Based on the speed of the arrests, it appears that the victims knew their attackers.

After the captain's talk, speakers addressed some issues of their own.  One speaker complained strenuously about public drinking at 180th and Pinehurst.   Another complained about idling trucks at the Fort Tryon Nursing Home at 190th and Overlook.

For times and locations of meetings, including the November 2010 meeting, call the 34th Precinct's Community Affairs Unit at 212-927-0576/0287. 

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